European Confederation of Professional Beauticians and Cosmeticians

  Our aims and objectives:


  • To take part in the European actions aiming at promoting and developing the beauty enterprises in all its aspects.
  • To develop a European dimension of training by harmonizing the different national educational programs for the beautician profession.
  • To promote the exchange of information about the profession between all the members, in order to improve the deontology, the quality, the standards and the innovation in order to meet costumers’ demands.
  • To promote the European sector Social Dialogue in order to deal with the most important issues of the profession in Europe.
  • To support at European level all actions of National Associations, aiming at improving the practice of the profession in the country concearned.
  • To organize contacts between various C.E.P.E.C members.
  • To promote and organise conferences, seminars, meetings, courses and every other promotional, technical or cultural events in favour of beauticians.
  • To encourage and support continuous training for professional beauticians of various countries.
  • To support the exchanges between the young students in aesthetics through the various E.U. countries.
  • To promote and support the organization of Beauticians in all EU countries.

In order to succeed its mission

  • To participate actively to all U.E.A.P.M.E. actions.