European Confederation of Professional Beauticians and Cosmeticians

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23/24 OCTOBER 2016

CEPEC General Assembly in Helsinki

“A yearly European event for Beauticians to debate chances and treats of the profession and make new choices for the future”

This year the vent will take place in connection with the annual fair of the Finnish Beauty Therapists (October 21st-23rd).

Representatives of Beuticians organization of EU member states, will indicate how to deal with many changes which the profession of beauticians is facing;  will network with other organizations to exchage professional experiences, will know how  CEPEC is acting in Europe to strenghen the profession.

Thank you, in advance for spreading this “save the date message” to your organization which is very welcome to atten the event.

For more information, hotel reservation and registration please contact:  ;



NEWS 08/09/2016

The European Commission has published a Public Consultation on the Regulation of Professions. All parties are invited to share their experiences, in full confidentiality should they wish.

The results will be used for:
-a report to be submitted to the European Parliament and the Council by January 2017;
-country and profession specific guidance for reform;
-an analytical framework proposing a more inclusive approach to proportionality assessment.



NEWS 08/09/ 2016



UEAPME issued its position on the proposal to introduce a Services Passport. According to UEAPME, the goal of the Services Passport should be to give services providers legal certainty and clarity about the rules they have to comply with when they want to operate in another Member State and simplify administrative procedures. It should not cause any extra additional administrative burden for companies, but rather decrease the existing burdens. The Member States’ authorities should continue to have the competence to oversee and tackle irregularities and informal economy and tax fraud as well to ensure high-quality skills requirements and standards for health and safety at work. UEAPME have severe concerns concerning the principle that the passport will be delivered by the authorities of the country of origin. A European services passport should not override national based high-level skills requirements and standards for health and safety at work or tax control related rules.



European Confederation of National Aesthetic and Cosmetic Associations of the E.U. countries

  • C.E.P.E.C. is the European Confederation of National Aesthetic and Cosmetic Associations of the E.U. countries.

  • C.E.P.E.C. was created in March 1995 by initiative of a group of National Associations of Beauticians and the first meeting took place in Tunisia. Since then, many members has joined C.E.P.E.C. and today it is costituted by Cyprus, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Spain and UK.

  • Since its beginning, C.E.P.E.C. has been engaged in promoting better conditions for the development of the beautician enterprises at European level. For this purpose, C.E.P.E.C. has been very active towards European Institutions by presenting its positions regarding the issues that have an impact on the profession of Beauticians.

  • C.E.P.E.C. is a member of U.E.A.P.M.E. and participates in several committees (training, environment, social, tax etc) of the organisation and specifically in the cosmetic forum promoted by U.E.A.P.M.E..

  • C.E.P.E.C.  like all federation members is apolitical.

    For more information about C.E.P.E.C. click here